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Smart Car Dealers

When the gas prices were very high in US and there was a need for fuel-efficient cars, DaimlerChrysler introduced the Smart Car to the US markets. This car may be small enough to fit in a garden shed, but its big on gas savings. The starting price for a smart fortwo is $11000 approx. The name "smart" comes from a combination of Swatch, Mercedes and the word "art". The car's brand and model name are in lowercase to emphasize the small size of the car. The history of smart cars began with Nicolas Hayek, the inventor of swatch watches. He wanted to make fuel-efficient, environmental-friendly and easy to park car. He collaborated with Daimler-Benz to create this car but was disappointed by its conventional engine and high price. So he pulled out of the partnership. Daimler-Benz (now DaimlerChrysler) is now the full owner of the Smart division. Today, smart cars are part of the DaimlerChrysler's Mercedes group.

Smart Car Dealers

The smart car has a very different look like that of a cube on wheels. The smart fortwo car (named "fortwo" because it for two people) is only 8'2.5" long, less than 5' wide and about 5' tall. Its high length-to-width ratio helps the car to corner with greater stability. Two or three smart cars can be easily parked in a single curbside parking space as it can back right up to the curb. The smart car has a three-cylinder engine that gives enough power to the car as it only weighs approx 1500 pounds. The car comes in many variations. The smart fortwo comes in a coupe version with solid roof and a cabrio version with retractable canvas roof. Many other models and variations are available in the market.

Smart car is one of the lightest four-wheelers on the road. But, with its many advantages, the smart car has some disadvantages as well. Being a light vehicle, the car could be unsafe during a collision. However, there is a smart solution for the same. A Tridon steel safety shell encloses the interior of the car that forms the bulk of the Smart's chassis, thus preparing the car to give maximum safety.

Officially, the first smart car was offered in US in 2008 through a dealership holding company, Penske Automotive Group that created a U.S. smart car dealership for this brand under the name Smart USA. The increasing popularity of smart cars has forced every car dealer to have smart car in his portfolio. Becoming a smart car dealer is very lucrative, given the rising demand for smart cars because of its fuel efficiency and compact size. It is easy to become a smart car dealer; all you need to do is establish a proper licensing and set up a contract with the distributor of smart cars.

The car dealers of smart cars deal in various models like the smart fortwo, BARBUS coupe, Smart Fortwo ED, smart Roadster etc. You can find a list of smart car dealer centres below, wherein you can make your smart car purchase. These centres will also help you with any query regarding your smart car purchase including queries related to price, models, test-drive etc.

Being a smart car dealer is a smart thing today. However, the smart car dealers need to consider competition as well. The smart fortwo isn't the only fuel-efficient small car in the US market. Toyota Prius has an advantage in the city given its mileage figures. Toyota Yaris, though slightly larger, is heavier and faster than a smart car and costs less even for a fully featured version. Honda's Fit is another competitor but it is quite low on the mileage. The Mini Cooper, though not a competition in terms of fuel-efficiency, is still a competition for small size cars and people who want style can go for Mini Cooper. Thus, the smart car dealers must be smart enough to draw the attention of the consumers towards this car by properly demonstrating its efficiency and convenience.

Some of the smart car dealer centres are:

Smart Center San Diego
4750 Kearny Mesa Road
San Diego, CA 92111
Ph: 858.430.2301
Smart Center Portland
9215 SW Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97225
Ph: 503.200.5200
Smart Center Kansas City
13851 Madison Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64145
Ph: 816.943.7070
Smart Center Jacksonville
7018 Blanding Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32244
Ph: 904.253.7300
Smart Center Edison
910 U.S. Highway 1
Edison, NJ 08817
Ph: 732.549.6601
Smart Center Seattle
301 Baker Blvd
Seattle, WA 98188
Ph: 206.243.1455
Smart Center Milwaukee
11340 West Metro Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53224
Ph: 888-575-3277
Smart Center Chandler
7450 West Orchid Lane
Chandler, AZ 85226
Ph: 480.421.4300
Smart Center Dallas
6113 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX 75209
Ph: 214.224.7200

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