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At the right to privacy is held in high regard. We give a lot of importance to the right to privacy. guarantees you that we will never indulge in any such activity, which violates your right to privacy. In any circumstances, we will never rent or sell your name, email id or any other personal information that you provide us.

Our servers do collect some information automatically which are purely non-personal in nature. These information include

Much more information related to your surfing is collected. This information is purely for our internal use, like it may be used for advertisement and marketing, it can be used to help us in improving the sites performance etc. The IP address (address which uniquely identifies your machine on the internet) is obtained by our server for creating unique hits on our banners.

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You must note that this privacy policy may change as and when needed. We assure you that we will not compromise on your right to privacy under this policy. If there is a major change in our policy, we will emphasize it in a more prominent way.