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Auto Industry Rebound

Most recently, the auto industry has shown its ability to rebound from the recession throughout 2012. The sustained increases in auto sales are good for the economy since the average new dealership has approximately 53 employees on the payroll. By the end of 2011, there were over 17,760 auto dealerships in America, increasing by around 100 dealerships from the year before. The increase is significant because the number of dealership usually declines by around two percent each year due to layoffs and retirements. One great way for consumers to find the particular car they are looking for is to email auto dealers with specific queries.

The automakers with the highest number of dealership additions for the year were Fiat with 135 and Chrysler with 50 new dealerships. Getting an updated Auto Dealer List is one of best ways to find the ideal or specialized vehicle that's been hard to find. Around 30 new dealerships were opened in California and 10 were opened in New Jersey during the past year. The recently increasing auto sales are a welcome improvement from over 820 dealerships closing in 2010 and 1,603 closing in 2009. It's easiest to check an Auto Dealer List to find out where the newest dealerships are located. The consistent improvements in auto sales throughout the year show that the auto industry is finally stabilizing.

The majority of the major automakers are currently earning profits this year. There could be record sales numbers from the dealerships during 2012. Sales for each dealership averaged around 719 in 2011, increasing by around 10 percent compared to the previous year. The current record for average sales per dealership is 784 from 2005. The real question for the industry is whether or not the automakers can sustain this profitability as sales begin to increase heading into the next year. Consumers that remember to email auto dealers about particular cars they have in mind are probably more likely to find their ideal vehicle than driving form dealership to dealership.

It's certainly reasonable to expect auto sales to continue to improve during 2013. Domestic automakers like Ford and General Motors have had record sales numbers for several different models during the summer months and early fall of 2012. The improved production operations, fuel economy and technological innovations in the newer vehicles should serve as proponents for improved sales in the near-term. There are also an increasing number of options to choose from amongst the newer models when it comes down to picking the next vehicle. Many people are interested in trying out hybrid or electric vehicles to save even more on gas money. Many of the larger vehicles, SUVs, crossovers and pick-up trucks are providing consumers with the highest miles per gallon in recent history.