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Auto Dealers in America

Automobile Industry

Automobile industry, one of the most eminent economic divisions by revenue, involves the production of autocars, motor vehicles, and automobiles utilized for transportation purposes. Elmer Sperry, an effective member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), had suggested the term 'automotive', which was formulated by the aggregation of two words from distinctive languages, viz., autos (Greek) and motivus (Latin). Therefrom, any type of self-powered motor vehicle was identified as an automobile.

The automotive sector functions in close relation with other industries that incorporate motor fuel stations or fueling stations and auto repair workshops, working towards the maintenance of auto vehicles and their delivery to the consumers. Conversely, the industry embraces an all-encompassing reach of organizations and firms which perform the job of merchandising, advertising, manufacturing, developing, and designing of several automobiles such as mopeds, motor vehicles, motorcycles, towed autos, etc.

Vehical Brokers

Automotive Industry in America

The United States is recognized as the base for one of the globe's largest automobile markets, containing 13 major auto producers, including Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai-Kia, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, and the 'Big Three' - General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Leading manufacturers from different nations, namely, Korea, Japan, and Europe have manufactured an extensive number of automobiles in their respective USA industrial plants after Honda established its one in 1982. There were approximately 8.1 million of passenger auto machines produced by all manufacturers in America during the 2007 - 2011 period.

Apart from just the manufacturing plants, these automakers also possess research and development, engine, testing and design, including transmission plants in their production facilities settled in the United States. With a view to better respond to the progressive prospects of the twenty-first century, beneficial transmutations have been made within the sector with the help of newborn development and research initiatives. As per the current statistics, the American automotive sector is distinguished to be at the cutting edge of invention, disregard of the tough challenges within it.

Industry Statistics

Along with additional trades of automobile parts worth close to $67 billion, the U.S. automotive industry has merchandised nearly 2.5 million auto machines, valuing $60.9 billion, to more than 200 nations of the globe. With its across-the-board network of auto parts providers, the industry made a benefit of vast economic wellbeing and employment base as compared to other production fields.

The American automobile sector proved its competency in this matter by making available approximately 3.3 million employment opportunities all over the country with its automotive suppliers division. The suppliers segment of the industry recorded its 3% approximate contribution to the gross U.S. manufacturing business by raising roughly $171 billion in industry shipments.

The nation of America is now known to be a prime location to establish a reigning future of the automobile industry, considering its firm hold on government incentives, open investment plans, appreciable infrastructure, greatly proficient manpower, and a sizeable consumer market.

Auto Dealerships

The United States houses an immense system of auto merchants who do business in various types of auto vehicles such as brand new and pre-owned autos, aftermarket autos, rebuild autos, etc. Most of them also deal in assorted types of auto parts. The need for efficient auto vehicles for transportation purposes was felt across the nation since the historical times. This has caused the auto brokers to settle their business at a large measure in the country.

These dealerships come out as phenomenal means of satisfying every other need of the automobile consumers by providing impressive discount rates, additional services, efficient benefits packages, professional advices, and other purchasing advantages. The auto merchandisers provide good options for different types of customers, scoping from daily travelers to economical consumers to luxurious auto users to speed enthusiasts.


Whether you are looking for epicurean sedans, stylish coupes, or multi-utility autocars, this acknowledgeable list of recommended auto dealers will help you to find the best automobiles as per your specific needs and preferences. With excellent information on various auto traders, accurately categorized under their respective states and cities they operate in, this serviceable database promises to render all the information about auto marketers you are seeking for.

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