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About Us was launched in 1999 to help people who are in the search of car dealers in America. The idea behind this site originated when I was looking for a car dealer who can give me the best deal on my purchase. I struggled a bit to find the address of car dealers so that I can compare their prices. Then I decided others should not face the same situation.

Today provides the most comprehensive list of the car dealers in America. On our home page we have provided the whole list of car dealers. To further ease the search of our users we have categorized the list on the basis of car brands, state names which is further divided according to city names.

We have several valuable articles posted on our sites related to car dealers like 'How to avoid car dealer scams', 'Car buying tips and tricks' and 'How to find used car in California' etc. The purpose of these articles is to make you more knowledgeable about car dealers.

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified professional, who do all the research related to the dealers in America and manage the site so that our users get the most updated information.

We will continue to deliver our best in coming years.