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Car Buying Tips and Tricks

Anyone planning on buying a new car could do with a few tips and tricks. Going over these few pointers before visiting car dealers could help you in making the right choice.

Car Buying Tips

1 - Be Informed

Do as much research as you can on the Internet and get all the information regarding the vehicle you wish to buy and also the car dealers who would give you the best deal for your trade-in. Most established car dealers would be listed on the Internet and would keep you updated on ongoing special deals, low interest rates or rebates on carious models.

2 - Know What You Want

Most car dealers will try and convince you to buy the car they think is best for you, which may not be the one you really wanted in the first place. Before setting off to visit car dealers, you should have already made up your mind what car model you are most interested in. Keeping your options open with two or three different models gives you some amount of flexibility when it comes to negotiating and sealing the deal. You should also have in mind the color and style you like as well as the highest limit that you are willing to pay for it.

3 - Do Not Impulse Buy

One of the important things to remember is not to let any of the car dealers see that you like a particular car a lot. Car dealers are good at gauging customer reactions and will convince you that the car you liked at first sight is the best one for you and you could end up with a car that you are eventually unhappy with or way above your budget.

4 - Long Term Maintenance Costs

You should also consider maintenance costs and replacement costs of spare parts. Flashy cars with state-of-the-art accessories could set you back quite a bit if the need arises to replace it. Also remember that American car parts will be cheaper than foreign car parts.

5 - Insurance

After you've decided which car you'd like to buy and before you check out various car dealers, it would be a good idea to consult your insurance agent. Inquire about the insurance premium and what the insurance covers. Make sure that the increase in insurance from your old car to the new will be affordable

6 - The Car Salesperson

The car salesperson is more interested in the commission he will get for his part in making a sale. The more expensive the car the more commission he earns. Keeping this is mind he will try and sell you the most expensive car that is available. Stand your ground and don't fall for the salesperson's sales pitch.

7 - Save Time and Money Sometimes getting a new car loan could end up saving you more money, so don't forget to visit your banker and ask about new car loans before visiting car dealers.

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