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Auto Dealer Service Department

Auto Dealer Service Department Every car owner knows that for small repair work and for basic maintenance it is better to take the car to a small local garage. A small garage is cheaper, faster and more convenient than the service department at an auto dealer. This is because the auto dealers have to pay the vehicle manufacturer a fee if it intends running a service department. This additional cost is passed on to the consumer, making maintenance and repairs that much more expensive. For more complicated repairs, money should not be the main criteria and it would be better to avail of the services of the auto dealer's service department.

Most of the mechanics working in the service department of auto dealers receive specialized training in that particular make of car and sometimes even in a specific model of that make. These mechanics receive extensive training by the vehicle manufacturer itself and there a lot of refresher training courses that they have the opportunity to attend. If you are having problems with your car that is specific to the model of your car but not that of others, a mechanic specially trained in the working of your particular make and model of car will be better able to spot and fix the problem than a mechanic at a smaller garage that deals with cars of all makes and models.

Almost every service department at any auto dealer will most certainly offer a warranty of some kind on their work. A car that is still under manufacturer's warranty will be repaired free of charge. But the service department of established auto dealers will also provide an additional warranty on their work. This warranty will usually be specific to the work or repair that has been carried and could cover labor and parts as well as rental car expenses. Though many small garages also provide warranties on work that they have carried out, the warranty of an auto dealer service department has the advantage of being valid at any auto dealer dealing with that specific make of car.

Another advantage of taking your car to an auto dealer service department is that a mechanic there would be aware of any manufacturing defect that is inherent in that specific car model. They run a routine check every time your vehicle is brought in for service to find out if there has been any recall issued for that particular make and model of car.

If your car service or repair work is expected to take more than a few days, the service department can provide you with a rental car from the auto dealer who will in all probability have a fleet of rentals for the convenience of their customers.

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